GEOLUXE at KBIS 2019, Las Vegas, NV, USA

January 14,2019

GEOLUXE® at The Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS), FEBRUARY 19-21, 2019  at South Hall, Las Vegas Convention Center, 9:00 - 17:00 hrs.

Creator of Luxurious Pyrolithic Stone, ‘A Stone for Outdoor Living’

with Debut of Two New Product Colors and a New thickness

GEOLUXE® Booth #SL3801

Since 2017, GEOLUXE® has been introduced to the world as the brand-new surface material which has never been existed before. It has been designed to withstand the forces of nature through every season while preserving the through-body characteristic of a natural marble. Thanks to its exceptional performance, GEOLUXE® has pushed beyond natural limitation and broadened possibilities for enhancing customer experience.

 For the upcoming KBIS 2019, GEOLUXE® will emphasize its uniqueness by challenging the outdoor application. This application has been considered extremely difficult for a natural material or even for synthesized material available in the market. Additionally, our product variety will be extended to 12mm thickness. Besides the application in kitchen countertop, this thickness is also suitable for floor/wall covering and worktop, and is easily blended in with other materials to create furniture.

GEOLUXE® at KBIS 2019 - ‘A Stone for Outdoor Living’

Our booth design was inspired by memorable moments of all seasons in a year. Imagine how pleasant it would be if there is a certain space in your home for gathering and enjoying activities with your family and friends, starting from sharing sunlight in summer, appreciating full bloom in spring, anticipating leaf peeping in autumn, to circling around a fire pit in winter. GEOLUXE® has brought up Dining al fresco to treasure these moments and to ensure that your cherished memories can be extended beyond indoor experience.

By virtue of its remarkable beauty and superior properties, GEOLUXE® is the ideal choice when planning your dream outdoor space that will accommodate guests in luxury and all weathers. With GEOLUXE®, a durable outdoor-specified surface material, you can create spaces that last and are meant to be enjoyed throughout the changing seasons.

Debuting at KBIS2019:

  • To highlight our unique design inspired from a natural marble, GEOLUXE® has come up with two new product designs initiating from a classical vein arrangement of Eramo and further developed into ERAMOSA SERIES which are
  • Moreover, in this year, we will introduce a product with 12mm thickness with the same technical performance as our previous lines. Owing to its light weight and ease of fabrication, our new product is prepared to serve the needs for sleek and modern design while increasing flexibility. To illustrate, 12mm GEOLUXE® can be installed in high rise building, can help making the space more interesting through floor and wall covering application, can bring in the sense of modernism into the kitchen, and can be easily matched with other materials to create furniture. Both honed and polished finishes are available for 12mm thickness.

 o    ARTEMIS characterized by striking longitudinal veins. Its subtle contrast of earth toned whites makes it a versatile choice for creating warm welcoming spaces with an understated elegance.

o    AEOLUS characterized by striking longitudinal veins. Its high contrast earthy gray and dark gray accents bestow a sense of bold elegance to any space.

Additionally, during KBIS2019:

 This year we will present a food demo under the concept of “Outdoor living: Dining al fresco throughout 4 seasons”. Please be invited to experience our seasonal menu and GEOLUXE®’s journey through all 4 seasons every day during 13:00-15:00 hrs.  

  • Outdoor living cannot happen without a generous support from Brown Jordan, Caliber and Foster who help us fulfilling and creating Dining al fresco experience

For more information about GEOLUXE® please visit booth #SL3801, South Hall at KBIS in Las Vegas, NV from February 19th – 21st, 2019, or Follow us at