February, 2022

Nowadays, look at the luxury modern hotel or the finest dining space like Micheline starred restaurant; the dark colored scheme is used overwhelmingly. Why is that? Should it convey something?

Does it make the space look more luxurious or elegant?

In contrast to your home, why is the bright color scheme being widely used? Is it because the color yields the sense of freshness, airiness that makes the room seems so spacious?

You don’t want to darken your entire kitchen, do you? If so, it’s not that difficult to brighten the space, yet remain a dark warm luxurious feeling in your home or kitchen.  Let’s take a look at these following ideas.

Choosing the focal area for your dark element.

A portion of dark and light colors can give you different feelings. To have a coffee colored warm hominess kitchen, you do not have to dip the entire kitchen in ink, just retain the color scheme in the same tone. Make sure to highlight the area like kitchen countertop with something sculptural & unique and keep its surrounding elaborately humble without any patterns. For example, the countertop slab with a deep brown background and golden parallel veins could bring out a different feeling than from other pure blacks which are commonly found whereas solid dark grey is simply used for cabinets. However, don’t make it too dark for the entire ambience. Choose a light grey color like cement for your floor and wall covering to brighten the entire room. Amazingly, your dreamed kitchen with a good combination of luxury and hominess is not too far to be reached.

Embrace natural light to make the dark pattern ‘shine’

Make sure that your kitchen has an opening for a source of ‘natural light’ to come in. It will make your kitchen look bigger even with the use of the dark tones. The natural light would also make your kitchen cozier and more welcoming.

Keep it luxurious with gold and copper

Long before, materials like ‘gold and copper were used as utensil’ to show off the power and prosperity of the Empire. Nowadays, it turns back time for these kinds of materials again. They have mostly been used in interior decoration by famous designers recently. It still symbolizes the luxury and prosperity as it does in the history. Undoubtedly, gold and copper perfectly match the interior design with dark color scheme to set them contrast and outstanding.