April, 2018

Gray is the color full of paradox. It can give you both opposite end of feelings like restfulness and dullness relying on the context and how it is used. Mr. Grey as seen in the movie named ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ is another good example to show that interesting contrast. His “bipolar” character is so mysterious but attractive. One Gray with 50 shades even makes it fascinating, thus luring everyone to come closer and deep down into his world at every angle. Remember! Gray is mysteriously interesting. It could be stunning and it could be boring at the same time depending on how it is used.

Likewise, back to your home, Gray color in different shades can easily transform an ordinary space to an extraordinary one, full of different feelings. It is considered a joyful color to play with. Designers can fully use their imagination to use 50 Shades of Gray in different ways to create talk-of-the-town space. We can’t deny that shades of gray is now gaining popularity to create captivating moods and tones of a space as frequently seen in online magazines or photos in Pinterest. Besides, it is mostly talked among Architects and Designers.

The kitchen is another space we have seen more often in Gray color. Could it be better if you move forward to use GRAY in your kitchen? and you will see with your own eyes how magical it is. Here is just one of the guidelines for you to elevate your kitchen.


By talking about these areas, the dark gray can be the perfect complement for you. The dark gray for a countertop and Backsplash makes your kitchen look sophisticated. A luxurious ambience can be styled by a unique pattern and a well contrasted covering. If you would like to be more glamorous and eye-catching, use the same material for both countertop and backsplash.

PALE GRAY FOR CABINET AND FLOOR The pale, neutral gray can be used to balance the mood of a kitchen when using dark gray countertops and backsplashes, which creates a calm environment. A softer shade of gray makes your kitchen look more spacious. The areas where you can use the light gray are cabinets, floor and wall covering. Please make sure to well match the color with the countertop and backsplash.


The aluminum or stainless-steel accessories including a sink, appliances and cutting boards can help to reflect light around the gray space. The aluminum looks sharp alongside pale to dark gray. It could be fun playing with these reflective things without making the kitchen too gloomy. Use your imagination and have fun.

ALIVERI by GEOLUXE is recommended for countertop and backsplash material, now available in 20-mm thickness, sizing 1400x3200mm in mirror polished and silky honed finishes.