Boring of classic but need timeless? Want timeless but loss of being yourself? Classic is good but not unique? Will it be even better if you can express yourself in timeless look?

So, you don’t need to choose between timeless style and your personality. Here below are the hints to make your kitchen stay great for lifetime and can be yourself in this style. To make that ‘Timeless X Being Yourself’ happen, it is not only the design but also the performance that you have to consider.

The app is designed to assist customers in the decision-making process and provide a topnotch shopping experience. And, specifically for designers, GEOLUXE® AR can be used as a 3D catalogue as well as an innovative tool to share countertop ideas to their clients.

  • Brighten and Lighten up. Good lighting helps give ‘classy’ definition and character to your kitchen. The natural light can create more illumination look. It can come from an adjacent window or room that is opened to the kitchen. Another option to create classier look in your style, wisely choose the ornamental light figure.

  • Pick the right color. There is no doubt that ‘Neutral scheme’ is the best timeless colors that we found in the kitchen. Neutral colors like white, light grey or beige are the colors that you won’t regret choosing after several years of living go by. These colors make your kitchen always clean, cozy and inspired homey. You can easily combine with wood or earth tone flooring material to add more warmth to your kitchen.

  • Think long term. Most of professionals said that “you can have a kitchen for 10 years looking like it did the first year if you choose the right quality material”. That’s why you need to think long term for what you use every day and still stand with the space permanently like Countertop. Make the worthwhile investment for your kitchen’s masterpiece, considering not only for its elegant design but also its best performance. This is vital. All the classic white countertop can be easily found for timeless design, but the question is how you can make it unique. To be more creative, try horizontally-veined countertop with nice color, and make sure that all the veins go through the slab from top to bottom. On the top of that, performance really does matter. Something easier for your life is really necessary. It is much better if you can cook without any worry about scorch mark on your countertop. No worries about maintenance after heavy use like stain or scratch. Think twice before you make a huge spending.

  • Be yourself. Thanks to the timeless setting that can match everything you like, if sometimes classics make you feel dull, let’s add some fun and gimmick with your favorite accessories or accent colors with small elements like napkin, candle and handicraft stuff.